Dada Day interactive event celebrating the centenary of Dada for Lochaber High School pupil and teachers; exploring dadaist ideas and methods. Educational programs included film screenings and activities and a temporary installation to facilitate and understanding of the art movement.

Sensory Dada Poem, Children & Families, Sense Scotland
all young people involved in field recordings, recording and staff narration

we can collectively create a Dada poem and use this as a starting point for exploration allowing each person to use the material and objects in a way that means something to them. This could be using objects to create sounds from the poem or using materials to create tactile sensations relevant to the poem. These explorations led to BSL interpretations and questioned the use of verbal language in art making.

Audrey, Dada Poetry Cafe, Sense Scotland
Sibling, Sense Scotland

What did you make?

I made a poem out of words in a bag and made a drawing of a sand bank and a fur tree

Sibling, 2010

What do you think are the benefits of using the Dada poem technique?

it made me think in a new way
it is random you don’t have any in ambitions/fear to start and its fun working with nonsense

Sibling & staff, 2010
Dada Poem

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